Delta Skymiles from AirBnB

The quick details:

  • Extra Skymiles when you book an AirBnB by following the link
  • Bonus was 1 Skymile per dollar, but I think there are promotions sometimes
  • Doesn’t require you to use the DeltaAmex or anything

I had a few huge AirBnB purchases lately and just did a quick search to see what the best card to use was (I had it in my mind that it was the Delta Amex for some reason).  Anyway, the link above came up first, and after was the usual suspects (NerdWallet, PointsGuy, etc) talking about how to get points with the typical travel cards.

So basically, how I understand it, you get an extra Skymile per dollar (1.5% if you’re valuing Skymiles at $0.015), regardless of which card you use (so, after checking that AirBnB charges showed up as Lodging, I threw it on the Costco Visa for the 3% cash back on hotels/airlines/etc.)

On a $2,700 AirBnB, not bad to get an extra $40 just for clicking on a link prior to booking.

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