Fidelity Visa

How I use it:

  • Everything else that I don’t purposefully use another card for

Quick details:

  • 2% back on every purchase
  • Funds need to go in to a Fidelity investment account

Annual Value:  $480

  • $480 from everything else (2% x $2,000 spending a month x 12 months)

This is the catch-all card.  Everything that doesn’t fit in to some other category that we use a different card for goes on the Fidelity card.  Groceries, Life Insurance, Oil Changes, Gym Memberships, Trash, Car Insurance, etc.

In fact, now that I’m typing this out, I need to look in to if we can skip the escrow on our mortgage for taxes and insurance, and instead use a card.  If so, that’s 2% on around $5,000 a year, which comes out to $100/year.  Not bad for maybe taking 5 minutes to call the bank.  [UPDATE]  You can use it for home insurance, but the county charges a fee of around 3% to use a card for your taxes, so not worth it.

On that note, I also like that all of the funds go in to a retirement account.  We could probably all be better at saving, so I like this approach to just make it happen.  Once a quarter I’ll go in and buy whatever stock or index fund I think might be undervalued at the time, so maybe 20 minutes of work a year to maintain.

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