Getting Cash-Back on Home Insurance

Quick details: Earn rewards or get some cash back by paying your home insurance with a credit card Most home insurance companies don’t care how you pay home insurance. The bank which holds your mortgage has rules around if you need to escrow your taxes/insurance Annual Value:  $48   $48 from home insurance (2% cash […]

529 College Savings Plans in Minnesota

Quick details: $15,000 annual contribution limit Anyone can contribute Significant tax benefits for contributors under certain income thresholds Growth on the assets aren’t taxed until withdrawal, and if used for education expenses, they aren’t taxed at all (both federal and MN income taxes) Annual Value:  $1,000 Saving for college for the kids.  I don’t see […]

Fidelity Visa

How I use it: Everything else that I don’t purposefully use another card for Quick details: 2% back on every purchase Funds need to go in to a Fidelity investment account Annual Value:  $480 $480 from everything else (2% x $2,000 spending a month x 12 months) This is the catch-all card.  Everything that doesn’t […]

Costco Visa

How I use it: Gas Travel (hotels, airplane tickets, etc) Costco purchases Quick details: 4% back on Gas 3% back on Travel and Restaurants 2% back on Costco purchases 1% back on everything else No annual fee (but you need a Costco membership) Annual Value:  $468 $300 from Travel (3% x 10 trips/year x $1,000/trip) […]

Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card

How I use it: I don’t use it for spending unless I have to The benefits are pretty awesome though Quick details: 2x Points on Delta purchases 1x Points on everything else 1 free checked bag for everyone on our reservation 1 companion ticket a year Miles boosts based on spending (up to 20,000 SkyMiles […]

Uber Visa

How I use it: All restaurant and bar spending, as well as food delivery services Monthly Sprint bill Monthly Spotify bill Quick details: 4% on restaurants, bars, food delivery services 3% on travel (hotels, airplane tickets, airbnb, etc) 2% on online purchases 1% on everything else $600 in cell phone protection/insurance $50 streaming service credit […]

Delta Skymiles from AirBnB

The quick details: Extra Skymiles when you book an AirBnB by following the link Bonus was 1 Skymile per dollar, but I think there are promotions sometimes Doesn’t require you to use the DeltaAmex or anything I had a few huge AirBnB purchases lately and just did a quick search to see what the […]